Thursday, March 31, 2016

Madison's First Tooth Fairy Visit

A few weeks ago (February 25th), I took the kids on a walk and to play at our neighborhood park before we came home for lunch (grilled cheese and apple slices). Everything was great until Madison bit into her apple slice and said her tooth hurt. Low and behold, her first little tooth was loose! I couldn't believe it. She's only 5 and so little and she's still like a baby, right?! 

I was so excited and cried happy (read: nervous) tears. But Little Madison cried her eyes out! She was immediately convinced that she would be in horrific pain and it would just have to be ripped from her mouth. (Wtf?) It took a bit of calming her down and we watched the Bubble Guppies episode where Deema lost her tooth at the dentist. And the Peppa Pig episode where she was impatiently waiting for the tooth fairy to come. Over and over. 

Then on Sunday, March 20th, Madison just wouldn't go to sleep. She was having some really bad anxiety and by 2am on that early Monday morning we came to the conclusion that she was scared to lose her tooth. She was afraid that I was going to have to yank her tooth out because it was becoming very very loose! (FYI: it never would've happened. She wouldn't even let me look into her mouth much less touch her tooth!) 

She went all day Monday worrying about her tooth falling out but I didn't mention anything about it. I knew I would be brushing her teeth that evening and I'd get a good look at it then. But that night, it still wasn't ready and Madison was still very nervous about it so I ended up sleeping in her bed with her. 

Then Tuesday morning I woke up early to tend to Macie and about a half hour later Madison comes running out of her room with tooth in hand! 

She was so excited and I was crying happy tears and Miles and Macie were happy screaming! Maddie said she just woke up and her tooth was sitting on her lip on the inside of her mouth - no pulling required! No pain! And for that I was so thankful and happy! 

That same day we went to Hobby Lobby and bought a "tooth fairy door". Madison said the cutest thing while walking around the store- "why isn't everyone asking me like, 'oh, you lost your first tooth?'" If you know Madison, you know she likes attention and reassurance. So I always make a big deal of things. And she was just so confused why everyone wasn't noticing that she lost her very first tooth! Silly girl! 

I went to HobLob wanting to purchase this door. 

But ended up purchasing this one instead. 

We painted the door pink (duh), sprayed glitter, and glued on door knobs and the little door knocker. So. Damn. Cute. 

I've seen cute ideas on Pinterest to add more to the door like a little white picket fence, flowers, etc. but i just kept it simple and Maddie loves it so I'm happy! 

At bedtime we put up the tooth fairy door and hung her tooth fairy pillow on her headboard. She was so excited! 

The next morning Maddie was excited to find that the tooth fairy brought her a new Frozen toothbrush, sparkly $2 bill and a tiny letter. 

She's told everyone we've come in contact with since she lost it! 

It's been a little over a week since Madison lost her first tooth. And every time I look at that beautiful face I can't help but also see how big she's getting! 

So proud of my big girl! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016!

Such a great Easter weekend! 

We spent (Good) Friday afternoon outside at my grandpa's house. It was such a beautiful day. My girls sat in the grass and picked flowers. Macie may have eaten a few! 

I swang with my baby girl on the swing my grandma used to swing with me on. So many beautiful memories at that house! 

Blessed beyond belief! 

Saturday was HOTTTTT. I mean, we sat (by "sat" I mean, we played, I cleaned, baby napped, made lunch, watched movies, scrubbed toilets, etc.) inside almost all day long just to avoid being asked to go outside.

I planned a little Easter fun in the front yard. 

Egg hunt was first! 

He opened each one as he picked them! 

Then, we planted magic beans! 

Lastly was confetti eggs! 

Little brother broke all of big sister's eggs. It was sad. So sad, that Joey left immediately and checked two different stores but they were both out of confetti eggs. I felt terrible. Miles didn't. 

Late Saturday night, the Easter bunny showed up! 

My little bunnies on Easter morning. They had already found the eggs all over the house, looked through their goodies and we're waiting on breakfast by 7:00. They usually don't get up until 7:45 for church so I was amazed at how easily they woke up! 

It was 6:45am and still pretty dark outside and even with the lights on it was hard to get decent pictures but they hunted eggs! 

Sweet girls. 

Magic beans turned to tootsie pops! 

After church we visited my mom for Christmas. I mean, Easter. ;) 

She went extra overboard but my kids were so appreciative! But still, wow! 

The humidity + my hair so do not mix! 

Having fun at Mimi and Papa's house!

Macie was proud of herself and kept showing everyone how big she was when she stood up unassisted! She would stand until we clapped and cheered, then sat down. Ans back up for cheers and back down again. Repeat 20 times. So. Cute. 

After a fun morning at church and Nana's house and then Mimi's house, we were tuckered out! 

Hope your weekend was awesome too! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy Good Friday! 

I'm so happy that Easter is almost here! I gave up soda (mainly DP) for lent and I could really use a Route 44 Dr Pepper right about now! 

My sweet Miles has been acting unusual the past few days. He plays well but he's not eating. If you know Miles, you know he usually asks for a snack before he's even done with a meal (!) but he swears he's fine. He (like his big sister and mama!) has anxiety about getting sick and so I think he thinks if he doesn't talk about it he won't. He did wake up in a great mood today, asking to play on the iPad. Prayers he gets back to normal soon! 

On Wednesday I shared the kiddos simple Easter baskets

Yesterday I shared our fun time dyeing Easter eggs

Madison lost her first tooth on Tuesday morning. She looks so big! Post on that and our tooth fairy visit coming soon! 

We lowered Macie's crib on Tuesday evening. She was on the verge of pulling herself over the railings just to scare the crap out of me so I guess it was time. Makes me so sad how quickly she's growing! 

Here are the kiddos Easter outfits. Miles may not wear his shirt like this since it'll be really warm but I have a backup turquoise polo that'll work with the girl's dresses! 

I've had this print saved in my phone forever and think it's so beautiful! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dyeing Easter Eggs 2016

We love Easter time and dyeing eggs is definitely at the top of our favorite things to do together. 

I bought a dozen and a half eggs thinking 18 would be the perfect number of eggs to decorate and if they needed anymore, we have extras in the fridge. After boiling (and dropping four, oops) they each had seven eggs.

Patiently waiting for me to bring over the eggs. 

Baby girl just eating snacks! 

Mixing dark and light green. Basically because he just couldn't handle not mixing!m colors! 

And because he's Miles, he would crack an egg! 

Macie thinks Miles is hilarious! 

Madison made extra sure that she got all of her eggs just perfect. She didn't want to mix anything and was definitely not a fan of Miles mixing spoons! 

Maddie's eggs 

Miles man and his eggs 

There were no big messes, no crying or fighting! Dyeing Easter eggs was a total success!